<P>&nbsp;</P> <P align=justify><STRONG>The CIRI (International Center for Research in Infectious Diseases) was created in January 2013</STRONG> to promote an integrated approach for the study of the interactions between host and pathogen. <STRONG>It brings together 280 people who will work in 20 founding scientific teams, aiming to reach collectively many objectives</STRONG> concerning integrated immunology for vaccination and biotherapies, metabolo-infectiology, non-communicable diseases, nosocomial infections etc.</P> <P align=justify>&nbsp;</P> <P align=justify>The ambition of the CIRI is, beyond being recognized as a top-level center dedicated to fundamental research on infectious diseases, <STRONG>to translate scientific discoveries into clinical or industrial applications, at least up to early proofs of concept.</STRONG></P> <P align=justify>&nbsp;</P> <P align=justify><STRONG>This Center will strengthen the links between Lyon academic and clinical research communities (Hospices Civils de Lyon) and will constitute a structure interfacing research on infectious diseases with the industrial world</STRONG>, thanks to its <A title="" href="https://www.aderly.com/pharmaceutique_biotech/index,p,100044,EN.jsp" target=_blank>strong partnership with innovation and industrial development boosting organizations such as Lyonbiop&#244;le or Bioaster TRI.</A></P> <P align=justify><A href="https://www.aderly.com/pharmaceutique_biotech/index,p,100044,EN.jsp"></A>&nbsp;</P> <P align=justify>Furthermore, the <STRONG>CIRI intends to recruit new teams of experts in infectiology, epidemiology and pathology, at national and international levels</STRONG>, in order to complement the expertise of the Center, broaden its impact in infectiology research and to reinforce its scientific objectives. </P> <P>&nbsp;</P>