<P>&nbsp;</P> <P align=justify><STRONG>ERYTECH Pharma SA is a <A title="" href="https://www.aderly.com/pharmaceutique_biotech/index,p,100044,EN.jsp" target=_blank>French biopharmaceutical company based in Lyon</A>, developing medicinal products for orphan oncology</STRONG>. The company’s proprietary core technology is based on the use of human red blood cells (RBCs) to improve the pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) properties of therapeutic molecules. </P> <P align=justify>&nbsp;</P> <P align=justify>ERYTECH Pharma <STRONG>has receive FDA IND clearance to initiate a Phase I clinical trial of its product ERYASP&#174;, L-asparaginase loaded erythrocytes, in patients 40 years or older with newly diagnosed Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). </STRONG></P> <P align=justify>&nbsp;</P> <P align=justify>The added value of ERYASP&#174; relates to its ability, as demonstrated in late stage clinical trials in Europe, <STRONG>to overcome existing limitations associated with conventional L-asparaginase via longer efficacy, reduced doses and a better safety profile. </STRONG></P> <P align=justify>&nbsp;</P> <P align=justify>Prof Richard A. Larson, Director of the Hematological Malignancies Clinical Research Program at the University of Chicago and former Chairman of the Leukemia Committee of the Cancer and Leukemia Group B (CALGB), said that L-asparaginase is very important to treat patients with ALL and hopes the best for this clinical trial.</P> <P align=justify>&nbsp;</P> <P align=justify><STRONG>The company plans to start enrollment of ALL patients in the study in the beginning of 2013</STRONG>. ERYTECH, in collaboration with the American Red Cross, has secured a fully operational manufacturing facility where ERYASP&#174; will be manufactured.</P> <P>&nbsp;</P> <P><BR>&nbsp;</P>