<p align="justify"><br><a title="" style="color: rgb(224, 32, 32);" href="https://www.aderly.com/only_lyon/index,p,204,EN.jsp" target="_blank">ONLYLYON</a> has just launched its <strong>new city-branding ad campaign, with the slogan &#8220;Addicted to Lyon.&#8221;</strong> </p> <p align="justify">&nbsp;</p> <p align="justify">Following on the campaign playing on a series of English adverbs to spotlight the city&#8217;s many qualities (TastefulLY, SuccessfulLY&#8230;), ONLYLYON continues its international outreach by choosing a new slogan in English. This time, however, there is <strong>a single phrase, suitable for all media and target audiences</strong>, be it the people of Lyon, visitors, expats or businesses which have recently settled in the Lyon region. </p> <p align="justify">&nbsp;</p> <p align="justify">Addicted: a deep attachment to the city and its culture. The campaign focuses on the human and emotional side, using pure and elegant photos in black and white, showing happy, confident characters <strong>with whom different types of people can easily identify</strong> (businessman, student, child, etc.).</p> <p align="justify">&nbsp;</p> <p align="justify">With this new campaign, ONLYLYON and its partners want to <strong>boost the international profile of the city and attract new audiences</strong>. The Lyon metropolitan area is well-known for its culture of partnership and the founders of this initiative (<a title="" style="color: rgb(224, 32, 32);" href="https://www.aderly.com/compagnie-developpement-france/agence-developpement-economique-region-lyonnaise-lyon,p,49,EN.jsp" target="_blank">Aderly</a>, Greater Lyon, Tourism Office&#8230;) have chosen to concentrate on <strong>a shared scope of communication</strong>, as can be seen in the new marketing position strategy of the Lyon region.<br></p> <p align="justify"></p>