The Lyon metropolitan area recently presented its strategy for the “smart city” of the future. The city is a vast field of experimentation for local and even international businesses, with a shared goal: to innovate in order to facilitate and improve the city of the 21st century. With some 50 projects underway, this initiative focuses in particular on issues of mobility, digital services, energy and conditions to promote innovation. This effort is driven by a dedicated team at Greater Lyon who help companies and entrepreneurs  with their development plans by offering them greater visibility and putting them in contact with specific services (street-cleaning, roadways, etc.), public spaces (roads, façades) and the public data they need.

One example in the area of mobility is Optimod’Lyon, designed to optimize mobility for people and goods. Lyon will launch a European first (traffic forecasts for the coming hour) and a world first (multi-mode navigator, real time, mobile phone app with traffic forecast). This will make Greater Lyon “a world reference in the field of traffic forecasting.”

In addition, Greater Lyon and NEDO, the Japanese energy development organization, have chosen Lyon Confluence as the site for a European experiment to implement the demo of Smart Community. This includes the Hikari project to build three positive-energy buildings of 12,000 square meters for mixed usage. Construction will begin in Spring 2013. There will also be a fleet of electric vehicles in a car-sharing program, recharged at PV-powered stations, along with special meters for water, gas and electricity in 275 homes of the Perrache social housing site.

For more information about the experimental projects, download the press kit.