bioMérieux, a world leader in microbiology, with its headquarters located in Marcy-L’Etoile, in the Lyon area, recently released its sales figures for 2012, totalling €1,570 million (up from €1,427 million in 2011). With a 10% increase in euros, the results of bioMérieux met the objectives set at the beginning of the year. This excellent performance demonstrates the group’s competitiveness, as well as its resistance to the difficulties experienced by the global economy.

bioMérieux’s strategy is based in particular on development in emerging countries, through the creation of 2 commercial subsidiaries, the acquisition of a start-up in India, as well as innovation. Indeed, bioMérieux intends to continue its commercial and R&D investments over the next 2 years. Three new innovative instruments are planned for 2013: an incubator featuring differentiating imaging technologies, a new blood culture machine and VIDAS® 3, the new generation of VIDAS®.