<p>&nbsp;</p> <p align="justify">In 2012, Mapei, <strong>the world leader in the manufacture of adhesives and <a title="" href="https://www.aderly.com/developpement-durable-entreprise/green-construction-company,p,215,EN.jsp" target="_blank">chemical products for construction</a></strong>, opened a new manufacturing plant, its third in France, at the <a title="" href="https://www.aderly.com/centre-recherche-et-developpement/industrial-park-plaine-ain-france,p,84,EN.jsp" target="_blank">Plaine de l&#8217;Ain industrial park in Saint-Vulbas</a>. The group&#8217;s desire to expand was largely to address the saturation of its existing site in Haute-Garonne County. And so, <strong>this new-generation factory with a floor space of 12,000 square meters is equipped with a highly innovative powder manufacturing process capable of producing 45 tons per hour</strong>. Comprising a warehouse and manufacturing services, quality control, logistics and maintenance, this is one of the group&#8217;s most modern plants. <a title="" href="https://www.aderly.com/services-aderly/index,p,100003,EN.jsp" target="_blank">Mapei needed Aderly to help the company in its search for potential sites</a>. The agency then contributed to staff recruitment. <strong>The project is expected to create some 50 jobs</strong>. And, lastly, Aderly took charge of communications as regards the establishment of the company.&nbsp; </p> <p align="justify">&nbsp;</p> <p align="justify">Mapei&#8217;s goal is to get closer to its customers, but also to its suppliers of raw materials. <strong>This is <a title="" href="https://www.aderly.com/implantation-entreprise/lyon-european-city-france,p,5,EN.jsp" target="_blank">why the company wanted to establish itself in the Lyon area </a>so that it could better cover the western part of France</strong>. This strategic location will mean that transport and delivery times for the raw materials needed by Mapei to manufacture its products can be minimized. Indeed, the Lyon region offers many benefits in this respect, allowing the company to position its plant in the immediate vicinity of the north-south highways and to take advantage of quality infrastructure and road networks. As Assistant General Director and Industrial Director of the site, Yannick Lagarde, emphasizes, &#8220;<em>For the sake of proximity, we are already operating in Midi-Pyr&#233;n&#233;es and in the northeast. We have to cover French territory from a logistics point of view because transport accounts for a significant part of our costs</em>.&#8221;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p align="justify">The Mapei Group has 7,500 employees, 68 branches, 58 factories in 27 different countries across the five continents and reported sales of &#8364;1.9 billion. With three production plants and a research center, the French branch, Mapei France SA, comprises 280 members of staff and sales of &#8364;93 million.<br></p>