<P>&nbsp;</P> <P align=justify><STRONG>OncoTherapy Science, Inc. (OTS) is a research and development-based university-launched venture company founded in 2001</STRONG>. Its primary aim is to develop innovative <A title="" href="https://www.aderly.com/cancerologie/index,p,164,EN.jsp" target=_blank>anti-cancer medicines and cancer therapies </A>that target oncogenes and proteins, which is based on the research of cancer genomics by Professor Yusuke Nakamura, the director of the Human Genome Center, Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo.</P> <P align=justify>&nbsp;</P> <P align=justify><STRONG>OncoTherapy Science France was established in Lyon in 2010 with the <A title="" href="https://www.aderly.com/services-aderly/index,p,100003,EN.jsp" target=_blank>help of Aderly</A>, and today it is based in the <STRONG><A title="" href="http://www.centreleonberard.fr/?language=en-US" target=_blank>L&#233;on B&#233;rard Center of Lyon</A><A href="http://www.centreleonberard.fr/?language=en-US"></STRONG></A><A title="" href="http://www.centreleonberard.fr/?language=en-US" target=_blank> </A></STRONG>(high-profile anti-cancer center, gathering clinical research and transferring research). <STRONG>The company recently received the Orphan Drugs Status from the <A title="" href="http://www.ema.europa.eu/ema/index.jsp?curl=pages/home/Home_Page.jsp&amp;mid" target=_blank>European Medicines Agency</A></STRONG>. Orphan Drug Status provides tax reductions and the exclusive right to the cure for a specific condition for a period of seven years post-approval. It encourages companies to enter a market where, due to the high cost of drug development and the small pool of individuals needing the cure, the return on the capital invested is not likely to be recouped quickly.</P> <P>&nbsp;</P>